Kartal was established in the 1960’s as a hand crafted steel processing supplier in the market of Turgutlu for producing agricultural tools. In the course of time, it has orientated itself to produce spare parts after having been made production with machining and forging in order to fulfill changing market and customer needs.
Company started to produce parts for the automotive industy in 1980’s in the industrial estate of Erbiller in Turgutlu. Kartal Otomotiv whose primary principle is the production of good quality has gained priority of its customer’s preferences. Many parts that imported by our customers have been produced by Kartal Otomotiv.
Kartal became a limited corporation in 1983. Parts of air actuated braking systems for heavy vehicles that are in production became to be exported by our customers. Increased investments and continual customer expectations accelerated the growth process. Kartal moved to a modern factory that is constructed on a field of 6800 m² which was completely property of itself.

Company’s customer portfolio has increased after 1998 and Kartal Otomotiv has become an exporter enterprise. Continual and systematic quality principle that followed as a policy since its foundation has continually developed by obtaining the ISO 9002:1999 Quality System Certificate
Institutional structure is strengthened according to national and international customer expectations in changing and continually developing sector. In 2004, Quality Management System which is founded on the basis of process based management philosophy is subjected to the audits and is accredited according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 international automotive technical specification.
Kartal company has reached today by the means of coorparated company structure, high level human resources, customer focused approach and win win princibles. Kartal is now also the supplier of Aeropace industry as a machining supplier which had started business as a hand crafted steel processing supplier in 1960’s.

Vision :
To become a supplier preferred in national and international industries. 
To meet customer needs and go beyond of them

Mission :
• To apply Quality Management System in every grade.
• Continual customer satisfaction.
• Continually educated, motivated and authorized human resources.
• To follow up new technologies and continuity of the investments.
• Enviroment friendly production.

Quality policy :
Kartal Otomotiv Quality Policy is to meet customer needs in required time and quality, with highest performance and continual development.